March 2024

Note: This is a post I originally posted on LinkedIn. It pretty much inspired me to start this blog, so I'll archive it here.

Last weekend, I visited Waterloo for the first time in my life!

It all started when I connected Hooman Reza Nezhad and Jeffrey Zang—two awesome engineers, public speakers, and entrepreneurs collaborating to build EclipseExpo 2024. They invited me for a tour of their office in Communitech where I met so many other cool people like Casper Dong and Victor Feng, and I even got a sneak peek of the upcoming Socratica Winter Symposium! Honestly, seeing and feeling the energy of startup culture for the first time was pretty crazy; it's like stepping into another dimension that I'd only heard of in fairy tales. I left Waterloo with new perspectives on the essence of entrepreneurship and the various paths to success.

To everyone I spoke to: meeting you guys was a total blast, and you're all seriously inspirational. I hope our paths converge once again and we build something cool in the future!

This is only the start of my adventures. Very soon, I'll be going to a bunch of events and hackathons, and I'll definitely be making new friends along the way. In the meantime, I'll be honing my skills as a software engineer and entrepreneur while continuing to discover new tech to fall in love with. I'll make sure to keep LinkedIn posted 😁 

(p.s. I visited UWaterloo too! The buildings are absolutely beautiful, the ambitious culture is unparalleled, and I hope to call it my home in the coming chapter of my life.)


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